MDF is wood fibre based panels. The unique feature of MDF is that it has a homogeneous construction without layers. MDF an acronym for Medium Density Fibre Boards. All TESA Fibre boards are being manufactured with Hard wood so automatically the density of our product become better than other products available in market. Our Boards are having best routing characteristics due to special German Technology used to press the boards in a way so that compression pressure can reach to its core also thus making densified core which is required for high quality routing. We also produce in E0, E1 & E2 Grade.

PRELAMINATED MDF OF ACTION TESA Decorative Melamine impregnated paper is pressed on to the surface of our MDF panel which has a design/decor surface which is factory finished. Action TESA has wide range of shade in both solid & wood grain shades rendered by specialized imported decor paper from Europe and other countries with uniform glue absorption properties. Action TESA today has the largest prelamination capacity in the country. Types of surface finish- Suede & Matt. We also produce in E0, E1 & E2 Grade. HDHMR - HIGH DENSITY HIGH MOISTURE RESISTANCE: Hard Wood used for higher density of product Special Glue being used to make it Water Resistant Product as per Indian climate Water Resistance Characteristics as per ISI Standard Ideal Routable Substrate with Sharp Cut & Routed Edge Ready & Smooth Surface which absorbs less paint in painting process thus saves paint cost also Easy Workibility Cost Effective Paneling Solution THE KEY APPLICATION AREAS OF HDHMR: Kitchen Shutters Furniture where risk of moisture exist Door Shutters Packing Industry Shoe Heel Partitions Outdoor Fixtures like election cutouts or similar applications. Types of surface finish- Suede & Matt. HIGH DENSITY HIGH MOISTURE RESISTANCE(HDHMR) EG Product Specification: Water Resistance Termite Resistant Environment Friendly Cost Effective Higher Density Higher Strength Ready & Smooth Surface Thicknesses : 3mm, 5.5mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm & 18mm & 32mm. Panel Size : 8 ft x 4 ft 32mm also available in 7ft x 2.5ft & 7ft x3ft 3mm also available in 8ft x 7ft Available in Plain and Prelam - All shades of shade card