Aesthetically appealing and sturdy Unidoor is a fusion of form and function it has an all-round frame filled with klin dried seasoned tropical hardwood and filler. a product that not only saves time but gives a well finished look for your interiors.


Amongst several other uses, this product can be efficiently wielded to construct residential doors, doors at commercial spaces, nursing homes, classrooms benches, auditorium, and doors at hotel suites.


Finally an eco conscious solution to using wood without harming the plant. Uniply’s Ecomate BWR plywood is made from plantation timber acquired from social forestry, which implies that it will be replenished within 10 years. Apart from being eco-friendly it is also boiling water resistant(BWR) and has been treated with termite and powdering problems.

Technical Specification

  • Properties – Specified as per IS 2202 (part) 1999
  • Adhesive Bonding – E1 Grade phenolic glue as per Global standards 
  • Preservative Treatment – As per IS 5539:1969 Ply Adhesive as per 9.2.3 annexure Got BIS 1659 – 1990 
  • Mycological test – as per 9.2.4 Annexure G 


  • Stands soaking at 100 degree celsius for 72 hours
  • conforms to IS:2202 (part) 1999

Door Details

  • High moisture resistant 
  • Terminate and borer proof
  • Available with both sides commercial, one side decorative or both sides decorative veneers
  •  Superior stability and durability